If you are looking for therapy but unable to find one nearby or fix an appointment due to your busy schedule, you should consider the option of getting therapy online as an affordable alternative. And when you look for online therapy services, the first service provider you should take into consideration is Talkspace, a leader in the online therapy space since 2012. Read on for our in-depth Talkspace review below.

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  • Not all therapists match your need
  • Some provide short responses

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Unlimited and affordable video, audio, and text messaging with a therapist of your choice make TalkSpace exceptional.

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In-depth Review


Talkspace has been leading the world of online therapy since its inception in 2012. Since then, over a million people have been helped by the 5000+ licensed therapists on Talkspace. No wonder Talkspace has earned so many honourable mentions in famous media outlets like Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and The Huffington Post.
With a singular focus of providing more people with convenient access to licensed therapists and thereby helping them live a happier and healthier life, Talkspace indeed is the best overall online therapy service provider.



      Step 1 - Get Assessed: Chat with a consultation therapist and answer a few questions to get started.

Get Assessed

      Step 2 - Choose a plan: Choose a payment plan per your budget and needs.

Choose a plan

      Step 3 - Get Matched: Talkspace’s advanced matching algorithm takes into account your profile and needs to match you to the best licensed therapist.

Get Matched

      Step 4 - Begin Therapy: Start messaging your therapist anytime, anywhere.

Live Video

24x7 Chat

Talkspace offers counseling for variety of issues including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Career counselling
  • Anger management
  • Divorce Counselling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Various disorders
  • Chronic impulsivity
  • Addiction counselling and Substance abuse
  • Intimacy issues
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Postpartum issues
  • Couples counselling
  • Teens counselling
  • And much more.

You can sign up from your desktop computer or your mobile phone; although the best way is to download the app for signing in. You do not even have to give your real name, you can generate a profile with a nickname, password and a verified email address. This process leads you to a chat window where a consultant matches you to a suitable therapist.

If the matched therapist is not what you expected (unlikely!), you can switch at any time you want and with no added cost! You have the option to talk to your therapist through text messages or if you prefer a phone or video call. Whichever method you choose, you are guaranteed to have great assistance in your time of need.


Well, you will rarely be disappointed when it comes to Talkspace therapists because of their professionalism and caring nature. There are over 5000 licensed therapists on their platform and collectively they have helped over a million people. Talkspace therapists must have at least three years of experience and undergo a background check of their qualification and additionally receive proper training of online therapy tools before they take on patients.

Moreover, they all have expertise in specific counselling areas from life transitions to career issues and much more. Talkspace has a vast range of professionals psychologists, clinical social workers, family therapists as well as qualified consultants on their board. The therapist you get a match with happens based on the results of the quick assessment.

Privacy and security

The privacy of patients is one of the important aspects and often the primary concern for people considering online therapy. Talkspace is HIPAA compliant for both its website and mobile app; and additionally uses encryption to secure the chat between the therapist and user.

Furthermore, you have to use a password when you log in to your mobile app which adds an extra layer to the secured chatting. Users are also recommended to log out before closing the app in order to secure their shared information. Remember that Talkspace is unable to delete your chat history as it does not have access to any of the users’ accounts.


One of the reasons Talkspace’s popularity is its affordable costs and reasonably offered plans. They offer 3 plans and you can choose one of them according to your needs;

- Messaging Therapy Plus:

This plan costs $65 a week and includes unlimited text, audio, and video messaging. The therapists in this plan respond five days of the week.

- Messaging Therapy Premium:

This plan costs $79 a week and it includes the same unlimited video, audio, and text messaging along with a guaranteed response from your therapist 5 days a week. The additional benefit of this plan is a live video chat session once in a month with your therapist.

- Live talk therapy ultimate:

This plan charges $99 a week including similar features of unlimited audio, video, and text messages with a guaranteed response from your therapist 5 days a week. Additionally, it includes 4 live video sessions per month.

The only drawback to Talkspace plan choices is that clients cannot have a free trial but, on the brighter side, one can have a free consultation in order to assess your situation. This leads to finding a better match with your therapist. You can have an extra live video session of 30 minutes if the therapist agrees which may cost $49. Clients can also cancel their plans anytime they want.

Why Talkspace is Unique?

You might have read the comparison of different online therapy providers but, there is near to no competition when it comes to Talkspace. It is leading the industry with its exceptional services and highly qualified team of therapists. Nevertheless, a few features separate the company from the rest of the online therapy providers.

First of all, it’s quickness and convenience along with the availability of licensed therapist 24/7. It means you can send a text message to your therapist any time you want and get responses right away. It eliminates wait time and helps you get fast relief from the thoughts you have been struggling so far.

In addition to that, every package you choose for therapy consists of unlimited chatting. Many clients are shy for face to face conversations, some of them want to just vent sometimes; whereas some just do not want to drain bank balance on over-extending therapies from days to weeks and from weeks to months. Unlimited chatting is the handiest and convenient option for such people as you can speak your mind and get compassionate answers on the same.

Our Top Pick

Best Overall

Unlimited and affordable video, audio, and text messaging with a therapist of your choice make TalkSpace exceptional.

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Talkspace for Couples

The most differentiating facet of Talkspace is services for couples. Several couples have relationship issues, parenting issues, career issues, etc.; for which, the online therapy provider provides discounted offers sometimes like $71 per week or $79 a week for a three-month plan. In general, the counselling fee is $99 per week.

So, couples can achieve their goal of overcoming the difficulties of their relationship. It helps them understand each other better to bring a sense of acceptance. All in one, it gives a fresh start to a relationship that seems to be rusted a bit. Sign up as soon as possible to have a session together and get the best advantages out of it.

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Talkspace for Teens

The most difficult time to handle children is when they're teenagers. They get exposed to too many new emotions, physical changes as well as mental changes. The atmosphere of school and college also affects their mental health and behaviour. In such tough times, Talkspace comes to your aid.

Besides their individual and couples therapy, Talkspace offers additional plans for teens. The package for teens starts at $65 per week.

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