The most crucial part of any therapy is the connection between clients and counselors. At MDLive, you may get just that. Your counselor can be just someone you can talk to, or seek guidance from, or someone who listens to you patiently. Sometimes you just need a little bit of navigation when you find yourself lost in your head, and getting therapy from MDLive’s qualified therapists is all you need to get back on the track.

What we Like

What we don’t Like

  • Waiting for longer hours for a call back
  • Chasing Therapists
  • No particular number of therapist
  • No live chat service
  • Limited ways to contact therapist

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Best Overall

Talkspace’s unlimited messaging and video conferencing makes it a convenient app for addressing a variety of needs.

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In-depth Review


MDLive, established in 2009, offers services of licensed, highly professional, and experienced therapists whenever you need. MDLive performs background check on therapists’ education, training, history, and licensure.

Once you register you get connected with a certified therapist. MD Live allows you to combine traditional therapy and online therapy in the rare case you want to meet your counselor in person.


With the help of MDLive, you receive assistance for various conditions like:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • parenting issues
  • women issues
  • life changes
  • addictions
  • stress management
  • panic disorder
  • bipolar disorder
  • eating disorder
  • grief and loss
  • trauma

You can start your therapy in a matter of days and contact your therapist even on the weekends or holidays. Isn’t that what you want when you are coping with something unusual?

Your therapists remain at a finger touch as MDLive provides an assorted range of methods to be connected. You can choose from:

  • Phone session
  • Video session

Messaging is a decent way where you can jot down anything coming in your mind and seek help regarding the same from your counselor. Unfortunately, this service is not available at MDLive.

The video session is quite benefiting too as it gives a feel of an in-person session. Although, many consumers had to wait for long hours to receive a call back from their therapist; which happens when there is too much rush.

About the App

The MDLive app is useful with several features. It is always updated with new design and easy to use interface; also it is simple to download from iOS or Android. The app is an integrated platform for medical and behavioral health science allowing, your psychiatrist to prescribe your medicines directly to your nearest convenient pharmacy.


Counselors at MDLive go through thorough training before they start working as an online therapist. Although the work is essentially the same for a therapist, the nature of face to face therapy and online therapy differs. Thus, it becomes mandatory for them to be evaluated before they check their patients and that’s how they get trained for this online platform. The therapists here, with an average of 15 years experience, provide the best treatment from their knowledge.

You can experience a sense of both, professionalism and warmth from your counselor. They stick to higher standards of providing aid to whatever difficulty you are facing. From the beginning to the day you feel perfectly well, you would experience exceptional customer support. Whether you have a question about registration or a desire to change therapists, you would always be satisfied with customer care service. You can schedule your chats or send a text message spontaneously.

Privacy and Security

MDLive assures the privacy and security of all patients signing up for therapy. Conversations, including your chat data history, stay encrypted. You can also download its application as mentioned before where users are obliged to create a password to enter and a passcode for extra security. If you visit the website of MDLive, you would get to know many things to build the trust you need. If you are going for online therapy for the first time, it is reasonable to be confused or doubtful. Nonetheless, the platform holds a high reputation and respect in the society as along with online therapy, it has a diverse range of physicians to treat other physical problems.


The counselors here can treat a number of things from stress management to addictions, LGBTQ support to Trauma and PTSD, relationship issues to parenting issues, and Bipolar to panic disorders. Counseling can cost you as little as $99 or even less if you have insurance. However, Psychiatry costs $259 for the first session and $99 for the following sessions. Many of its customers are happy with the provided services, adding that scheduled sessions or appointments can be canceled within 24 hours with a full refund.


MD Live therapists create a perfect atmosphere where people needing therapy can be comfortable. Here you would find a team that really cares about their clients and always ready to assist regardless of your time and place. MDLive stands out with its first-class services, highly qualified therapists, and reliable secure connections in its community.