If you are looking for quick advice on some mental issues or seeking help from a licensed psychiatrist, Dr. On Demand serves the purpose. It caters a diverse range of services for mental health and offers text/video chat therapy with its trained therapists to make it makes it a satisfactory experience. Still, there are things to consider:

What we Like

What we don’t Like

  • More expensive than other online therapy services
  • Success of sessions depend on video/audio quality
  • Technical issues with sign-up process
  • Fewer number of therapist
  • Video chat is the only available option
  • Only psychologists and psychiatrists are available

Our Top Pick

Best Overall

Talkspace’s unlimited messaging and video conferencing makes it a convenient app for addressing a variety of needs.

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In-depth Review


Your day to day life, mood, happiness, and physical health depend a lot on your mental health. If you are doing well psychologically, your overall growth and progress remain constant or maybe get better. That is why it is essential to stay healthy in your head first.

In such scenarios, online therapy comes to rescue and Dr. On Demand is one such excellent provider. For all kinds of behavioral health treatments, Dr. On Demand is there to help you virtually no matter where you are.


An unique feature of Dr on Demand is the free mental health assessment you get when you sign up. If you do need therapy, they offer a number of services some of which are listed as below:

Postpartum Depression
Relationship Issues

As it relates to modes of communicating with the therapist, the only choice available is video calling. You can accessuse these services hassle-free from desktop computers or mobile via their app.

Dr. On Demand has an innovative primary health care platform named Synapse that enables health plans and employers nationwide to deliver primary care coverage virtually.


To experience the best out of your treatment, you require a therapist who is remarkably qualified and experienced.

The psychologists at Dr. On Demand have to pass through their qualification test, and a series of interviews along with the history of the patients they have dealt with so far. They become eligible for online counseling only after passing the in-person assessment of their work experience.

Privacy and Security

For any online session, the foremost important thing is maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ details. A Dr. On Demand, your medical history is checked so that it becomes easier for your therapist to understand you and your condition. This information increases the efficiency of your counselor to find the best solution to your problem. Get connected with a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist in minutes to receive emotional support at your desired privacy level.


As mentioned earlier, prices at Dr. On demand are quite high compared to other online services despite video being the only option to connect. Your first visit may cost your around $299. The cost for the following sessions depends on the duration but, it is understandable as the services they offer are immediate and clear. Patients with health insurance from major providers such as Cigna, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare should check if their insurance is accepted for Dr. On Demand’s online therapy services. Members of some known companies like Walmart, American Airlines, Comcast may qualify for discounts too.


Dr. On Demand is a good option for people suffering depression or anxiety given their focus on psychiatry. With their platform and focus on privacy, you get all the emotional support you need for your mental wellbeing with a level of privacy that feels like home. Dr. On Demand is the right choice for those who seek an appointment without committing to any subscription plan.