Top Online Therapy Services 2020


Unlimited yet affordable video, audio, and text messaging with a licensed therapist of your choice makes TalkSpace an exceptional app for online therapy. Thousands of licensed therapists on Talkspace have helped over a million people so far. The ease of use of their mobile and desktop app, coupled with affordable plans starting at $65/week, makes Talkspace the best online therapy provider in the market today.

Best for Teens: Talkspace
With a large number of licensed therapists specializing in teen therapy and a sleek app that teens will love to use, we nominate Talkspace the best choice for Teen Counseling.

Best for Couples: Talkspace
Every couple’s needs are unique and so are their schedules. With over hundreds of licensed therapists specializing in couples therapy and the convenience of 24/7 access to them, Talkspace is the best choice for couples looking for Therapy.

  • INSURANCE COVERAGE - Unique to Talkspace
  • Video, audio, chat messaging PLUS live sessions
  • Get connected right away to a licensed therapist
  • Advanced matching to help find you the right therapist
  • Guaranteed daily responses 5 days/week
  • Affordable payment plans
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The process was identical to what I had experienced in traditional therapy, except I had access to it anytime I pulled out my iPhone.
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MD Live, an online telehealth provider, also offers online counseling and psychiatry although their primary focus is providing online services for non-emergency medical conditions like the common cold, flu, fever, etc.

With affordable basic plan starting at $99, MD Live is a good choice to access psychiatrists/therapists over the phone or video calls although they don't offer live chat services like Talkspace and other providers. Another drawback of MD Live is that they put the onus of choosing the counselor on you versus some other technologically advanced service providers who use algorithms to help you connect with the right therapist.

  • Video and phone support from licensed psychiatrist
  • Choice of psychiatry or counseling
  • Access via computer or mobile app
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Do I need a therapist? Check out yourself with Dr. On Demand’s free mental health assessment tools.

At Dr on Demand, therapy starts at $129 and Psychiatry starts at $299; and that’s without insurance. They only provide video call therapy which feels more real and establishes a great connection with your therapist although we find that it’s not always convenient or necessary as sometimes you may want to text and get quick responses.

  • Expert advice from group of doctors
  • Review and choose your own therapist
  • Video, phone & email access
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If you prefer monthly subscriptions for ongoing help, you should check out Health Sapiens as they offer round the clock assistance to monthly subscribers.

Health Sapiens offers a monthly plan that starts with $197 per month but they don't have weekly payment options. You can also request a demo that provides insight into how they can help you. Their services are not restricted to U.S.A., but available all around the world, a plus point if you are seeking therapy from outside the United States.

  • Monthly subscription plans
  • 24/7 video, phone, & email access
  • Blockchain enabled privacy
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Summary blends traditional counseling with a self-help digital therapy toolbox to help you get through your difficult phase in life.'s therapy plans start at $39.95 per week and include a digital therapy toolbox to help customers keep journals, worksheets, and incorporate meditation and yoga along with traditional therapy to ensure a faster and long-lasting recovery.

  • 20% off your first month
  • Live chat, messaging
  • Flexible plans, cancel anytime
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BetterHelp offers counseling services with licensed therapists, psychologists, social workers and marriage counselors.

BetterHelp's pricing is in the range of $40-$70 per week and requires upfront monthly payment. The differences in services are not available on their website unless you sign-up. This is one of the primary reasons we have rated BetterHelp lower when compared to other competition.

  • Licensed, vetted therapists that parents can trust
  • Video, audio or text therapy
  • Easy to use app
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An Overview of Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy?

People these days turn to the internet to find solutions for a variety of problems. One of such things is online therapy to resolve personal complications. Things once used to be discussed in Doctors’ offices can be done now online which is also known as e-therapy. Basically, therapy is a treatment based on the exchange of dialogues. But, when a person is uncomfortable, unable to afford or find a traditional therapist in a nearby area, online therapy is the handy solution.

Whatever accelerates your anxiety level, you can get connected to an online qualified therapist who is non-judgmental, impartial, and supportive. This is the best option for people having a shy personality or finding it awkward to discuss things in person. Things that disturb your mental peace should be treated with empathy. However, in the fast-paced life, people have ample excuses to avoid seeing a therapist. It could be running short of time, traveling far and facing traffic problems or kids’ schedules to manage. On the contrary, online therapy is quickly becoming high in demand due to its great convenience. It’s time saver, inexpensive, and easy to access.

How does Online Therapy compare to In-Person Therapy?

Online therapy does not differ much from traditional therapy; except the fact that it happens with the help of the internet rather than meeting a therapist in person. The beneficial part of this therapy is its appeals to more people for counseling who would otherwise not consult a traditional therapist. Nonetheless, there are some other differences based on its feasibility.

The fundamental difference is the platform on which counseling happens. Online therapy seems quite easy as you can have a conversation through text messages, or can have a live chat through video or voice phone call. You can schedule your session at your convenience and have a discussion with a therapist. You can also send text messages anytime, which means you can start therapy anytime you want. In general, it is more preferable to do a voice call or video call therapy because it is more effective. You can choose any of these ways of online therapy suitable to you.

There are plenty of reasons someone might find it hard to go for in-person therapy. It could be some chronic disease, physical disability, and lack of time, social anxiety, living afar from the counselor and what not. The fruitful advantage of online therapy is its accessibility. So, now you are out of all the excuses you have ever made. You are just a finger touch away to have a conversation with your therapist from anywhere and anytime; all you need is an internet connection.

When it comes to cost, a trustworthy review says that most therapists charge almost the same for both, online and in-person therapy. However, it varies from person to person, and the level of service and support they choose to have. You would get the same attention and treatment in both kinds of therapy. Nevertheless, online therapy saves your time, cost of fuel and provides you better accessibility.

How does Online Therapy Work?

To shed some light on how e-therapy works, you must know the crucial tools to communicate with your counselor. Those required tools are emails, video conferences, text messages, phone calls, and mobile apps. Most people prefer a laptop or desktop computer but, mobile applications are becoming an incredibly popular option too.

Once you know what method or tool you want to use, you would need to choose a therapist that fits your personality and needed therapy. Most websites provide an assorted list of therapists. You can select any of them with given initial details on the bases of challenges you face, and the questions you bring up while looking for a solution. To find the right kind of therapist is simple because most of them have their extensively written bios about their knowledge and specialization in various conditions. Some of them also present an introductory video for your brief information. To have a seamless online therapy experience, you are also allowed to switch a therapist if you think it’s not the right match.

Once you finalize your therapist, you get to select how you want to communicate. The majority of people go for text-based therapy that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Nevertheless, such therapy results can be strengthened with visible physical and emotional cues. Thus, many therapists insist on video session which is totally up to the person seeking therapy. Your comfort should be your priority because then only you would be able to open up in front of your therapist. A text message is the best choice when you need to vent out at any moment of the day or night.

Tracking your progress in the e-therapy is effortless as you take one step at a time which would be displayed by a timeline. You can measure your growth and remain focused on your journey towards healing.

How much does Online Therapy Cost?

Many of you must be curious to know about the cost or the expense of this smooth online therapy. Some highly qualified therapists do take the same charges for brick and mortar therapy as well as e-therapy. However, online therapy is way more affordable than traditional therapy. Moreover, the market for online therapy is rising and the competition of serving people through this new medium is increasing which makes the charges quite inexpensive. Along with affordable therapy, you save the time of traveling and the fuel money. So, if you contemplate the overall scenario, it’s a win-win thing for you.